Welcome to SiteSee

Revolutionize Your Organization’s Member Directory!

SiteSee is a new way to drive traffic and engagement to your website by sharing geo-tagged multi-media content. 

SiteSee delivers directory listings for two types of customers:

  • organizations with existing directories who want to add geo-mapping capablities to make their offerings unique, and
  • organizations who want to join a targeted member directory that lets them improve their site traffic.

A SiteSee Member Directory is:

  • Map-based
  • Multimedia enabled
  • Marketing savvy
  • Member managed
  • Customizable

“The SiteSee platform can be completely customized. Before we launched our directory, we worked with the SiteSee team to make it appear exactly to our specifications. They’ve thought of everything and we were able to make the directory ours.”

Happy SiteSee Customer